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tabline was founded by Scott Brooks with the mission to get people playing the guitar in minutes with the least amount of training required using no theory and no tabs. Scott noticed that most people don’t want or need to be the next famous rock band lead guitar player.

Most people want to Just Start Playing guitar by strumming along with their favorite songs. But many people have either tried to learn guitar with months and years of training to no avail, or thought it was too difficult, too expensive or just takes too much of their time to learn anything useful and fun to play. With Scott’s quick, easy method using video lessons, there is no need to learn all that theory or tabs if you are shown how to play the chords to strum to your favorite songs in minutes.

Once this basic chording is learned than you can continue on to more advanced lessons increasing your guitar playing ability completely at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

What makes us different from other guitar classes and online guitar courses?

Scott is a performing front man and solo act, playing guitar and singing for thousands of people over the years. Check his band on Facebook...
Scott Brooks Band!

He knows what it takes to learn songs fast with the minimum amount of effort and practicing. He has had to learn hundreds of songs quickly to get up on stage and perform. So he is passing those SECRETS along to you. Also, we have no gimmicks or special requirements to get going. We just show you using videos and some handouts how to Just Start Playing guitar in one 15-minute video guitar lesson then playing many of your favorite songs in three easy 15-minute video guitar lessons. You can then continue to increase your guitar playing ability by watching any or all of the videos in the video guitar lessons library, as many times as you want. And more lessons get up loaded regularly so you can learn at your own pace from wherever you want, as fast or as slow as you want. It’s up to you. No more tedious weekly guitar classes to drive to anymore! We are also continuously asking for your input to ensure we keep delivering the best, most useful online video guitar lessons.

About the founder: Scott Brooks has been playing music since he was 13 years old. Scott’s first instrument was the drums where he starting gigging in bars at the age of 16. Scott learned guitar simply by being around good guitar players for years. He now is a front man and guitar player, throwing in the occasional drum session. Although he learned drum theory as a drummer in high school, he realized that it was not necessary to learn all that theory and notes to play an instrument, including the guitar. Scott spends most of his time recording in studios, playing guitar and singing for events and functions, and delivering the best, most useful video guitar lessons out there…!

A Message From Scott…

I am YOUR online video guitar teacher and I reveal the Secrets of how to play guitar quickly with No Theory and No Tabs to learn! I noticed that most people don’t want or need to be the next famous rock band lead guitar player. Most people want to Just Start Playing guitar by strumming along with their favorite songs.

In my Secrets 1 and Secrets 2 courses I make it so easy to learn guitar that after just 15 MINUTES you have the major guitar chords A through G with all the sharps and flats. So you can Just Start Playing guitar to some of your favorite songs after the first 15-minute video guitar lesson. After the first three 15 minute video guitar lessons you will know Major AND Minor chords so you will be able to play guitar to many if not MOST of your favorite songs. All in less than one hour of video guitar lessons!

And there's WAY more!!!

For less than the cost of a one-hour face-to-face traditional guitar class, you will receive a ENTIRE MONTH subscription to the entire online video guitar lessons library. This includes the Secrets 1, Secrets 2, Open Chords lessons and much more.

And even more value to you is that we regularly put NEW video guitar lessons up on the site. So you can keep increasing your guitar playing ability, all for one low monthly price.

All from the comfort of your own home, wherever, whenever you want to learn guitar and at your own pace!!!

So... what are you waiting for?

Click Here to Sign Up and Start Learning Guitar Now!!!
If you have every wanted to play guitar and felt it was too difficult, too expensive or you don't have enough time to learn guitar well now you can! With's online video guitar lessons you can learn guitar quickly, anywhere you want, at your own pace.

So I bet you are wondering just how much it cost??? Well I am not kidding, it really is less than a one-hour regular guitar class!

How much is it you ask? One low MONTHLY PRICE of just $9.97!!!  That's right, there is no decimal point error. You receive an entire month of online video guitar lessons for one low monthly payment!

Why do I do this so inexpensively you say?

I believe and am excited that ANYONE can play the guitar and many people have just been frustrated by the traditional teaching methods and cost of private lessons. I am removing those blocks. So dust off that old acoustic or electric guitar and let’s…

Just Start PlayingTM

So, I look forward to jump starting your guitar playing and making you the life of the party! All for less than the price of a one-hour face-to-face guitar class.

Thank you very much for your time!!!


Click Here to Sign Up for Your WHOLE MONTH Subscription and Just Start Playing Guitar... Now!!!

If you prefer to learn guitar from a DVD set instead of the online video guitar lessons or both, we have that too! This is a one-time DVD Set of my great method of learning guitar fast. You will receive the Secrets 1 and Secrets 2 courses all for one low payment.
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Online Lessons or DVD Set


Check out our new online video guitar lessons being uploaded regularly!


I have tried to play guitar before but got frustrated with the theory and not playing anything fun after months of guitar classes.'s video guitar lessons got me playing guitar to some of my favorite songs in minutes!!! Thanks a bunch! John


I have always wanted to play guitar but was intimidated by regular guitar classes. When I tried these video guitar lessons online they were so easy I impressed my friends playing guitar and singing at a recent Party. You Rock!!! Kris