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Here are some of my favorite guitar web sites that will help you get lyrics, chords and other information so you can Just Start Playing guitar to some of your favorite songs! This is my favorite one.

If you have a favorite site let me know at

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I recently got onto your site, and would love to see you actually do Stormy Monday.  I've been playing guitar for not very long and with your help am playing songs now.  The more songs you put up the better.  (for me anyway) 
I like the ninth chords too!
thanks jarrod


Your site is among the best, if not the very best, I came across, both in appearance and in functionality (and I looked at several others that were out there when I was getting into it).


I have been playing around at learning to play the guitar for much longer than I care to admit. I learned a few basic guitar chords and took a few guitar lessons but never seemed to be making any progress. At least it felt that way. A friend told me about and by the end of the day I was playing and singing to a couple of songs that I never even considered learning how to play before. The best part is my kids and wife are now asking me to learn songs so we can all sit around together and have fun! I never thought it could be so easy or fun to sound so good! Looking forward to learning more. Eric


I have tried to play guitar before but got frustrated with the theory and not playing anything fun after months of guitar classes.'s video guitar lessons got me playing guitar to some of my favorite songs in minutes!!! Thanks a bunch! John


I have always wanted to play guitar but was intimidated by regular guitar classes. When I tried these video guitar lessons online they were so easy I impressed my friends playing guitar and singing at a recent Party. You Rock!!! Kris